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  Highway 71 Road Construction Information: 

Proposed Toll Road  Plans and Information

For the most up to date road construction information, check MoDOT's Road Work Page for McDonald County.

You can also check MoDOT's info page for the
 SW District.

MoDOT's Highway 71 info page.

From February 10, 2004:

Plans for future toll road and
for U.S. 71 in McDonald County, Missouri


MoDOT is in the process of spending approximately $105 million to connect the existing four-lane north of Pineville to the existing four-lane in Arkansas (see red dash on map shown below). This construction will, in effect, add two lanes to the current two-lane highway. Current construction began at the state line and is working north. With current funding levels, the entire project should be done in 2008-2009.

The work that is going on right now should be done by the end of 2005. When it is done, the four-lane will be finished from the state line, to just north of Brush Creek (that’s a total of about four miles).

In the future, Missouri and Arkansas plan to build a toll road on 71 that will bypass Bella Vista, AR. When that road is finished, drivers will have a choice of travel: toll road or free road. Here’s how it will work: suppose you’re driving south on 71 from Anderson. When you reach the red star (shown on the map), you’ll have a choice: go due south on the interstate-standard toll road, or go to the southeast along the path of the current highway, which by that time will have four-lanes.

Often Asked Questions

Q: When will rock blasting occur? Is a schedule available?

A: Blasting schedules are erratic so there isn't a good way to give schedules ahead of time . We often don't have much more than a general idea of when blasting will occur.

Q: Are any parts of Old 71 going to be torn up?

A: Yes. Between the state line and Brush Creek, some sections of the current highway (old 71) will be torn up. Others sections will ultimately become the "new" northbound lanes. The section of the old highway that runs between Brush Creek and Pineville will become the new business loop for Pineville. Look at the map (shown below)-- notice that when the construction gets just north of Brush Creek, it takes off to the northwest. That's the path the new four lane will take. That section of the old highway, that runs between Brush Creek and Pineville, will tie into the new pavement just north of the creek and will serve as the new Business 71.

Q: Will driveways be affected by construction?

A: Yes. But land owners, that will be directly impacted by construction (like losing a driveway), have already been contacted by MoDOT.

If you have other questions, please contact MoDOT.

0401 map