Z.  Code of Conduct

                                                                                                                                                     Approved by Board 2-8-03


Patron Code of Conduct


          In keeping with the Library’s commitment to customer service, the following guidelines have been developed to define those activities that are prohibited as inappropriate and inconsiderate customer behavior.  The Library will consistently enforce these guidelines, taking into consideration situations and the age of the patron.  Violation may result in expulsion, prosecution and suspension of library privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.


1.  Theft, or attempted theft, or destruction of library materials or property.


2.  Loud talking, laughter, conversation, or disruptive use of sound-producing

          devices, or behavior that is disruptive to other patrons or staff.


3.  Use of tobacco products in Library.


4.  Bringing food or drink into the Library, except as approved in the community room.


5.  The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the library, except as approved by the Library Director.


6.  Any attire or combination thereof, which does not include shoes or garments covering the upper and lower torso, worn by all patrons over the age of 9.


7.  Offensive gestures or language.


8.  Accessing any explicit sexual material or child pornography as outlined in Missouri State Statutes, Chapter 573 Section 060, Pornography and Related Offenses.


9.  Bringing animals into the Library, except those necessary for the physically disabled or for functions as approved by Library Director.


10.  No minors under the age of 13 may be left unattended by parents or guardians at any time.  Small children are welcome in the library, but may not be left unattended by guardian to use the computer or access materials, or disturb other patrons around them.


          The Library Board and Library staff have the right and responsibility to protect the safety of all Library customers and materials, and to maintain order

on Library property.  Occasionally it will be necessary for a staff member to deal with customers who create a disturbance or violate the Library policies or the rights of others.  The Library Director may suspend the library privileges of any person who willfully violates regulations, either temporarily or permanently.