G. Use of Community Room

                                                                                                                                              Approved by Board 12-10-98


                         Use of the Community Room




            The library meeting room is available for booking by groups and


organizations of a civic, cultural, or educational character whose membership is


composed primarily of residents of McDonald County.  The group or


organization must be legal, non-profit and non-commercial.  The room is not


available for money raising or commercial functions.  Children’s or teenager’s


groups may use the library provided they are supervised by adults.  Classes in


handicraft involving paint or other related materials will not be permitted.


            The room may be used during hours the library is closed.  In such cases


the person signing the request for use of the community room will be issued a


key to the front door.




1.  Groups using the community room may not charge admission, take


collections or solicit donations.  Exceptions to this rule may be approved by the


librarian when the programs being presented are useful in the library’s fulfillment


of its mission.


2.  There shall be no activity likely to disturb regular library function.


3.  Light refreshments may be served, excepting alcoholic beverages.


4.  The group using the room must leave it in the same condition as found.  A


cleaning charge will be assessed if required, and the group may be denied use of


the room in the future.                                                                                   


5.  No materials, equipment or furniture belonging to the group will be stored on


library premises except as approved by the librarian, and the library will not be


responsible for any such items left in the room.  Library owned equipment may


be used by the group provided such request is made at the time of application.


The group will be responsible for any damage to such equipment.


6.  A limit on the number of times a group may use the room over a period of


time may be imposed by the librarian if the frequent use of the room by one


group denies its equal use by another group.


7.  There is no smoking allowed in the community room or the library.


8.  Any group who meets the criteria and agrees to the conditions as set forth in


the preceding paragraphs may apply for use of the community room by


completing an application which is available from the library.


9.  In case a question is raised as the objectives of any group or organization


requesting use of the community room, the Board of Trustees shall be the final


authority in granting or refusing permission for use of the room.