Confirmed!  Unearthed Body was Jesse James
News Gazette  Feb. 28, 1996

    A body exhumed from a grave in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery at Kearney, Mo., last July is that of Jesse James, forensic experts say.

    According to a story in The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, remains of the body - only a few teeth and a few bones were found - were tested and compared to DNA of a bona fide James descendant, Robert Jackson of Oklahoma City.

    Jackson is the great-grandson of Susan James Palmer, the sister of Jesse and Frank James.

    Professor James Starrs of George Washington University led the forensics team and said tests "corresponded perfectly" with Jackson's DNA profile.

    The purpose of the testing was not only to prove Jesse James was in the grave, but also to determine who is and is not a descendant of the outlaw.
    It was important to establish the body is actually James' because at least four aging men claimed to be the outlaw after the shooting.

    People have claimed throughout the 20th Century that they're James' descendants because parents or grandparents told them so.