To Move Jesse James' Body

- K. C. Star, 6-28-1902

    The body of Jesse James, the bandit outlaw, which has lain for twenty years in a grave in the dooryard of his mother's home, will be dug up next Sunday and buried in the cemetery at Kearney, Mo.  Already every livery rig in the town of Kearney has been engaged and many of the vehicles in Excelsior Springs have been spoken for.  It is expected that thousands of people will attend the funeral.
    Mrs. Samuels, mother of Jesse; Frank James, his brother; Jesse James, Jr., his son; Mary, his daughter, and a great many other relatives of the dead bandit will be there.  The pallbearers will be William Gregg, Frank Gregg, Sam Whitsett, Hiram George, Hicks George and Warren Welch.  These men are veterans of Quantrell's band.  They were comrades of Jesse and Frank James in the days of border warfare.  They were selected for pallbearers by Frank James.
    After Jesse James was shot and killed by Bob and Charlie Ford in St. Joseph for a reward of $50,000, Mrs. Zerelda Samuels, mother of the dead outlaw, claimed and received the body and had it buried in a corner of her dooryard beneath the shade of a giant coffee bean tree.
    Three weeks ago Frank James took up his abode in the hotel in Kearney, and induced his aged mother to rent the farm and come there to live with him.  Frank has signed another theatrical contract for thirty weeks beginning Sept. 1, and he has decided to make Kearney the home of his wife and mother.  So it was agreed that it would be best to take the body of Jesse from the old dooryard several miles away and bury it beside the body of his wife and father.