Mrs. Jesse James Files a Complaint
September 28, 1933

Asks Man Who Claims to Be Outlaw Be Declared Insane -- Bombarded Her With Telegrams

    Los Angeles, Sept. 27 - An insanity complaint was preferred today against William John James, 87 years old, by Mrs. Stella E. James, wife of Jesse James, son of the outlaw, who claimed that James for years had been insisting he is actually the original Jesse James.
    She said William John James had been bombarding her with telegrams insisting that she come to Missouri and help him obtain a pardon from the governor for his fancied outlawry.
    Recently he came to Los Angeles and attempted to enforce his demands, Mrs. James said.  William John James was lodged in the psychopatic wards on orders of a superior judge.

Claims Given Attention

    Excelsior Springs, Mo., Sept. 27 - The claims of William John James that he is the real Jesse James, the outlaw, first were given attention while he lived in this vicinity more than a year ago.
    Mrs. Jesse James, Jr., who today preferred an insanity complaint against the man in Los Angeles, came here in the spring of 1932 to attend a hearing at which James presented his case.  Old-timers many of whom actually had seen the outlaw, testified to their belief that the claimant was an imposter.
    James, however, applied the same term to the man, accepted as the outlaw, who was killed April 3, 1992 in St. Joseph, Mo.  Jan. 6, 1932, James went to Jefferson City, where he asked Gov. Henry S. Caulfield to pardon him.  The governor, however, expressed doubt of the man's claimed identity.