Frank James Dead

Pineville Democrat, Feb. 26, 1915

    Frank James who for twenty years of his life from 1862 to 1882, led the life of a bandit, train and bank robber, died at the old James homestead near Kearney, Clay county, last Friday of apoplexy, at the age of 73 years.
    It is said that only one more of the noted James and Younger brothers band of robbers remain alive now.  He is Cole Younger who now lives on a farm near Lees Summitt, Jackson county.
    Frank and Jesse James and their mother, Mrs. Dr. Samuels, always contended that they were forced into the kind of life they lived by persecutions inflicted upon the family by Federal soldiers during the Civil War, because they were Southern sympathizers.  The James boys joined Quantrells band of guerrillas in 1862.  This band of desperate men kept the western part of Missouri and eastern Kansas in turmoil during the war, and after the war they kept up many of their depredations, robbing banks and trains for twenty years, when Jesse James was shot by Robert Ford of the gang, for the $50,000 reward offered for his victim dead or alive.  Soon afterward Frank James surrendered to Governor Crittenden and the bank became disorganized.
    After Frank James surrendered he faithfully kept the promises he made to the governor and did what he could to live down his past life.
    At his own request the body was taken to St. Louis and cremated, then taken to Kansas City and put in a safety deposit box in a bank there.