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The Jesse James Movie Digital Archive Project
The Jesse James Movie Digital Archive Project

Newspaper Articles:
General news related to the James family and the movie

These articles have been converted to text for easy reading.
Where available, scanned images of the original clippings WILL BE included.
Articles are sorted by date of publication. Articles of unknown date can be found after.

The James Brothers
George Shepherd says he shot and killed one of them.
He got a pistol ball in his leg in making his escape.
Joplin Daily Herald, Nov. 4, 1879

Mrs. Samuel's Say
Joplin Daily Herald, July 22, 1880
Racy Interview Between the Mother of the James Boys and Geo. Shepherd.
(from Kansas City Times, July 21, 1880.)
To Move Jesse James' Body
Kansas City Star, June 28, 1902
Frank James Dead
Pineville Democrat, Feb. 26, 1915

Mrs. Jesse James Files a Complaint
September 28, 1933
Asks Man Who Claims to Be Outlaw Be Declared Insane -- Bombarded Her With Telegrams
Will Hold "Jesse James" Jubilee
September 22, 1938
Home of Jesse and Frank, When Missouri Was the Western Frontier
 by Don Yoest
Rural Electric Missourian, November 1967
Stormy Life for Outlaws Mother
K. C. Times (July 16, 1971)
The writer, a resident of Independence and a distant relative of Zerelda James, mother of Frank and Jesse James, drew from family records and letters in his research for the following article.
by Earle R. Thomason

What Happened to Jesse James?
News Gazette,  August 11, 1971

Ruling on Jesse James Death Upheld in Court
Sept. 30, 1971
Legend of Frank, Jesse James Thrives Throughout Missouri
Dec. 12, 1971
By A. H. Rogers
Best-Known American Badman... Jesse James Still Lives in Tradition and Legend
by David Dary
Joplin Globe, April 3, 1972
James Home 'Bombing' Stirred Public
Kansas City Times  Jan. 31, 1975
By Fred L. Lee
The James Boys
Missouri's Favorite Outlaws
Midwest Roto  August 1975
by Alice Kerr
Who Killed Jesse?
Neosho Daily News, June 18, 1979
Laboratory Reports Outline Information About Jesse James
The Joplin Globe, July 16, 1979
by Scott Kraft
Says Bullet One That Wounded Outlaw
Neosho Daily News,  August 2, 1979
Jesse's Mother 'Feisty'
The Joplin Globe, October 11, 1979
Jesse James : A Western Legend
Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 4, 1982.
By Mark Peterson
Editor's note: Who shot Jesse James?  Bob Ford killed him, in the back, the dirty rat.  One hundred years after James' death, folk still recall the stories about the outlaw antihero.  Now there's been an organization created to promote scholarly research on his life.
Legend Lives 100 Years After Outlaw's Death
The Joplin Globe, April 18, 1982

James Viewed as Gallant Man
Neosho, Missouri,  June 20, 1982
Jesse James' Tombstone Recovered
Neosho Daily News, March 27, 1988
Granddaughter of Jesse James Donates Boots
Neosho Daily News, August 11, 1988
Conspiracy at Jesse James Farm
Neosho Daily News,  June 30, 1991

Jesse James Legend, Site Live On
Joplin Globe,  August 5, 1991
Researchers Eager to Exhume James
Joplin Globe,  July 16, 1995

Dead Outlaw Has Historians On Edge of Their Seats
Springfield NewsLeader,  July 17, 1995
By Mike O'Brien

Body Removed From James' Grave
Neosho Daily News, July 18, 1995
Scientists Begin Dig at James' Grave Site
Joplin Globe, July 18, 1995
Forensic Experts Say Grave Belongs to Jesse
Northwest Arkansas Morning News,  Feb. 24, 1996
by Laura King

Confirmed!  Unearthed Body was Jesse James
News Gazette  Feb. 28, 1996

Articles of Unknown Date:
He Was a Great Humanitarian
Jesse James was a great humanitarian. 
So concludes Gus W. Dyer, professor of economics and sociology at Vanderbilt university.

Gun Believed to Have Been Carried by Jesse James is Sold Here for $7


First Daylight Bank Robbery in U.S. History!
The Old West Cover by Time Life
The Jesse James Legend (cont'd)

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