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Computers and Internet Resources

Our library provides a wide variety of technology resources that you may find useful:

Free Public-Access Computers
- We have several up-to-date computers at both locations, with extremely fast (T3) internet connections!
And now, you can print COLOR photos and other documents from any computer.

Special Graphics Workstation
- This is a special computer that you can use to do just about anything. Scan and Print COLOR photos, download and install your own software, burn CD's/DVD's and much, much more...

Wireless Access - Connect to our free wireless internet access "hot spot" - either inside or outside of the library building - Read details and "how-to" instructions here...

Remote Internet Access Station Project:
The McDonald County Library is currently seeking locations for new Public Internet Access Stations!
In an effort to better serve rural McDonald county residents, the library is looking to place computers in numerous locations all over the county. The library is particularly interested in setting up public Internet-accessible computers in the small communities that are furthest away from the library's current branches. More information is available here...

Preview DVD movies - Thinking about checking out some DVD movies, but aren't sure which ones you want? You can pop any of our movie DVD's available for checkout into a public access computer, and watch some clips to see if it is the one you want.

Our library's user & print management system is:  CASSIE
Cassie makes it easier for you, since there are no more Sign-In/Out Sheets necessary...  Just sit down at any Public-Access computer displaying the "Cassie Cat" logo with a green "Available" box on the screen.
To log in, just use your library card number and PIN (password) and you're ready to go...

Computer Policy:
It is our policy to make our public-access computers available to everyone on a fair and equal basis. Adults (18+) may use our computers at any time by agreeing to our Computer and Internet use policies. Minors who wish to use our internet-accessible computers must be registered patorns of the McDonald County Library, and have a signed permission slip on file from their parent or legal guardian.
Our computers have internet pornographic content filtering enabled by default, as required by the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Internet filtering technology is imperfect, and can occasionally result in "false-positive" blocking of legitimate non-pornographic web sites. Therefore, adults (18+) can choose to have filtering disabled for the duration of their session just for the asking, but are reminded that viewing of pornographic material is not allowed at our library, and doing so will result in the loss of their computer use privlidges.
Full information about our Computer and Internet use policy is online.

Helpful Tips:
Some free & easy ways that you can make your PC at Home more SECURE.

If you have any questions call Carrie Cline at the Pineville Library (223-4489) or email her at: