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One of our most important objectives here at the McDonald County Library is to keep our collection filled with new & interesting material
for our patrons to enjoy. We have always encouraged patrons to tell us about their favorite authors and titles, and now we’ve made it easy for
you to contact us with the information online:

Step 1: Please Search our ‘card catalog‘ to make sure we don’t already have the item
(just to be sure – it may not be on the shelves but it may be checked out or in processing).

Step 2: If we don’t have what you’re looking for yet, just fill out this simple form…

Please fill out as much of the form as possible. Thank You!
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If you can provide the item’s ISBN number, PLEASE do so, as it will help us find exactly what
you are looking for, and also increase the likelihood that we will acquire the item.
The Item ISBN is:
Tell us about the item… Add any additional comments or details about the item here: Type details about the item here.
When you have filled out the form and are ready, click the “Submit Item” button here:

If you close this window without clicking on the “Submit Item” button, your request will NOT go through.

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