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Inter-Library Loan Service

Need a hard to find book?

Inter-Library Loan is a way that you can order a book from another Library (if it is not already available here at the McDonald County Library).

You will be required to pay the postage for this service.
$1.50-$1.75 is the average rate per book, depending on the weight.
Larger books may cost substantially more.
You can set a maximum amount you are willing to pay when you place your request.

Here's how to do it...

Search Local Card Catalog First, check to make sure that the book you need is not already available somewhere in the county by checking our 'Atriuum' card catalog. (We cannot process loan requests for titles we own that are currently  checked out. However, you can ask the staff to RESERVE it for you when it does come in!)

Missouri FirstSearchIf the book is not listed in our catalog, go to one of the library's public access computers, and try the "FirstSearch Missouri Group Catalog" next.*

If no Missouri libraries have the item, try changing the option "Search in database:"
fromFind it in WorldCat "MoGroupCatalog" to "WorldCat" - Or you can just click the "WorldCat" link:*

*Please Note: You can only access the Missouri Group Catalog and the OCLC FirstSearch from computers located at the McDonald County Library (Pineville or Noel branches). It is not available from the Internet at large.

If this is your first time using Inter-Library Loan,
 you are encouraged to ask one of the libary staff for assistance!