Library Board

Library Board of Trustees:

  • Alice Snodgrass, Anderson – President
  • William Chamberlain, Noel/Southwest City Board Member
  • Ann Crowder-Sanders, Pineville Board Member
  • Mary Littlefield, Stella Board Member
  • Rachel Abercrombie, Jane Board Member

Library Board Meetings – Agendas and Minutes

Archives of minutes from earlier years:
2015 20142013 201220112010200920082007  –  200620052004

Library Policies & Bylaws

Here is the McDonald County Property Tax breakdown from 2011 (it changes slightly every year)…

Where your property tax dollar goes

Click to enlarge image

It’s hard to read, but the library’s small (2.53%) portion is that small sliver second from the right.

Because of the way taxes are apportioned, the percentage of every dollar changes slightly every year,
even though the actual levy amount hasn’t changed.
(Almost every year the library receives an even smaller percentage, because the schools keep getting more.)

The public library is available for the benefit of everyone!

“The library is the only place that you pay property taxes for, where you are allowed to walk into at any time, for any reason, and you are welcome there.”

Carrie Cline
Previous McDonald County Library Director from 2001-2015

“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.”

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)
Industrialist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
* *

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