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It’s so easy to get your library card…

Applying for your own library card is quick & simple!

Here’s what you’ll need to know:

If you are a resident of McDonald County, we will need to see a photo ID and something else with your current mailing address printed on it. (A check stub, utility or phone bill, etc…)

We have a very short & simple application card that you need to fill out, and then you’ll be ready to check out your first item!
[See examples of the Adult (16+) and Juvenile (under 16) application cards.]

It will be very helpful and time-saving if you bring the contact information (name, mailing address, and phone number) for your Alternate Contact with you. (This is for Adult applications only). This Alternate Contact must be someone that does not live at the same address as you, whom we may contact in case we need to reach you, and your own contact information has changed due to a move or new phone. A relative or longtime friend who lives nearby is preferred.

Please note: We do require that parents or legal guardians have a valid card with us before juveniles (under the age of 16) may apply for their own cards.

Out-of-county Patrons: If you do not live (or own property) in McDonald County, we have a small fee of $10 that will cover you and every family member in your home for an entire year. 
(We also have a reciprocal agreement with the Newton County libraries, so if you have a valid Newton County Library card, we will waive the $10 fee.)

The McDonald County Library operates solely on the very small amount of property taxes our residents pay each year, and this is why we have these Non-Residence fees, to help operate the library and purchase new items, so every patron fairly shares the cost.

We trust you will enjoy our unique and useful libraries.
We thank you for your patronage, and are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Featured Freeware: OpenOffice

It has been awhile since we’ve had a Featured Freeware program, so let’s make this one a biggie… After a recent experience dealing with M$ Office (that $280-$500 proprietary software suite) we are particularly happy to offer you a COMPLETELY FREE alternative: version 3.3 is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.

You can download it at:
OpenOffice is also available for Mac OS, & Linux, and in many different languages:

Note: The full Windows installation package is approx. 150MB, so it may take quite a while to download if you have a slow connection. But considering the power and functionality it offers, it is worth your time to try – even if you already have an office application suite!

Tax Forms and Instructions

Taxes, taxes, taxes… Benjamin Franklin famously said: “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.”

But you can get back some of that excess money the IRS borrowed from you last year… The Pineville library has free paper copies of several of the most common tax forms and instructions. And if we don’t have what you need, here are the links to Federal and State forms you may need:

IRS Federal Forms & Instructions

Missouri State Department of Revenue Forms & Instructions

Arkansas State Department of Finance and Administration Forms & Instructions

Oklahoma State Tax Commission Forms & Instructions

Also, remember that trained volunteers at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites offer free tax filing assistance during “tax season.”

Featured Freeware: FrameSize 2

Once again we’re recommending one of our favorite FREE software programs, that you can download directly to your home PC or laptop!

This week’s featured freeware program:  FrameSize 2

If you or someone you know got one of those increasingly popular Digital Photo Frames for Christmas, you’ll love this week’s Featured Freeware… Those frames are very nice, except typically they come in widescreen (16:9) sizes. Which is great for movies, but less great for digital photos which are commonly taken by digital cameras in a non-widescreen format (usually 4:3).  This results in the photo frame having to display the image matted with ugly black bars down the sides, or cropped by losing the top and bottom of the picture, or “smushed / stretched” all out of proportion.

FrameSize is an application that allows you to quickly & easily overcome these limitations and produce high quality images from your digital photographs that are formatted properly and perfectly optimized for your digital photo frame.

You can download it at:
And get more information at:

Spotlight On: COLOR Laser Prints & Copies

The Pineville and Noel Libraries have excellent photo-quality COLOR Laser printers available for public use.
And the Pineville Library has a very FAST COLOR COPIER that also produces excellent quality photo-copies and enlargements.

These color printers & copiers are great for when you need a last-minute custom Christmas card, or family newsletter, or large copies of a family photo to share with your guests visiting from afar this holiday season.  There are many websites and even some custom downloadable programs for creating these great and colorful items, which you can find online and use on our public computers here at your library! And you may use our special Graphics Computers to scan, resize & touch up your snapshots and even old Polaroids!

Our color printers can print photos and enlargements up to 8 x 10″ – and the color copier in Pineville has the ability to make huge  enlargements, up to 11 x 17″ – and while the results aren’t quite as good as regular photo enlargements made from film negatives, the quality is still surprisingly sharp! And the prices are right…

  • Letter sized (8.5×11″):  Color prints and copies are only 50 cents per page.  B&W are just 10 cents each.
  • Legal sized (8.5×14″):  Color prints and copies are only 60 cents per page.  B&W are just 15 cents each.
  • Tabloid sized (11×17″):  Color copies are only 75 cents per page.  B&W are just 20 cents each.

Note: Printing double-sided pages counts as two copies.  And because of problems in the past with incompatible photo paper, we are not able to use anything but our own regular (high-quality) stock papers in our copiers and printers.  (Sorry, our printers can’t handle your special glossy photo paper.)  But the bright-matte paper we use provides excellent results.

The library staff is always available to help you with your special copying and printing needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask!