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Featured Freeware: XnView photo browser

Once again we’re recommending one of our favorite FREE software programs, that you can download directly to your home PC or laptop!

This week’s featured freeware program: XnView 1.97

XnView is a powerful image browser used for viewing, converting, organizing and editing graphical & video files. With the amount of photos we generally take during the holiday season, sorting and finding the best ones can be a chore… And your camera may or may not have come with software that helps. But perhaps its time to try something different that offers many more options? XnView does things like “batch renaming” (changing the filenames of photos from the usual “IMG_1234.jpg” to something more useful such as “2010 Christmas with Aunt Jane 1234.jpg”); or even automatically re-sizing and improving the focus, color, and/or contrast of a group of photos all at once! That “Batch processing” feature is something that is often missing from professional photo software, and once you learn to use it (it’s really very easy) you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Unlike many new programs, this works in virtually ALL versions of Windows, MacOS, Linux, and still more!
You can download it at:
And get more information at:

XnView is another one of our all-time favorites… Although there are many similar programs out there (some of them we like just because they are open-source) but we’ve been using XnView here at the library on our public & staff computers for most of the past decade, and it has many amazing options we’ve not seen in anything else. It is free of charge for private non-commercial, educational use and non-profit organizations, so you are free to download and use it on your own home, personal computer.

Spotlight On: Inter-Library Loan

If you need a particular book, or a book about an unusual subject, and we don’t have what you need here in McDonald county, we can borrow a book from another library for you!

The service is called Inter-Library Loan (or just I.L.L. for short), and for a very small postage fee – usually around $1 or $2 per book – we’ll borrow the book from another library that has it available.

Once the book arrives, we’ll notify you, and you can pick it up here at the Pineville Library.

When you are finished with the book (or whenever it comes due) just bring it back to the library and we’ll return the book to the original lending library for you.

And as of November 2010, we’ve just made it even easier and more convenient for you…
You can now place your request online!

If this is your first time using Inter-Library Loan,
you are encouraged to ask one of the library staff for assistance.
We are happy to help!

Featured Freeware: CCleaner

Here’s a new feature from your library:  Once every week (or so), we’re recommending one (or more) of our favorite FREE software programs, that you can download directly to your home PC or laptop!

This week’s featured freeware program:  CCleaner 3.0

CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it’s fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!

You can download it at:
More information and other download options at the author’s website:

CCleaner is one of our all-time favorites… Get it today so you can clear space on your computer to install all of the other great freeware we’ll be featuring in the weeks to come!

Spotlight on: Audio Books

Did you know that the Library has audio books in both cassette and cd formats?

If you want to enjoy a book while you are driving or working, then audio is the way to go!   Why sit in traffic and listen to bad morning radio shows, when you could be enjoying your favorite book?  And, our library is involved in a leasing program, which means we are constantly adding titles to our collection.

Search for an audio book now…  cassette … or …  CD.

McDonald County Marriage Records

Now Available online: McDonald County Marriage Records Index from 1865 to 2009

Thanks to Kenny & Amey at the McDonald County Recorder’s Office and Bruce at the McDonald County Library, we’ve complied a complete Index of all Marriage Records from 1865 to 2009 – now available online to search and/or download to your computer!

This index includes all marriage licenses issued in McDonald county from October 1865 to December 2009, with instructions on how to order printed copies of the original record kept on file at the County Recorder’s office. The index can be viewed online, organized by the husband’s last name; or the entire index can be downloaded onto your computer in a spreadsheet format.

A great resource for genealogists and historians!