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“What’s Next?” Books in Series database

Ever started into some interesting fiction and then realized: “Hey, this is a sequel to previous books! I think I might want to read the others first?”

Or, after you finished the first book of a series, you were excited to find and start reading the next in the series, but didn’t know which book came next?

Many times, somewhere inside or on the book’s jacket they’ll list the other titles in the series. But what if it is the first book of a series and doesn’t list the title of the next book, or you can’t find the series list in or on the book? It can sometimes be troublesome, but here’s the easy solution:

The What’s Next™: Books in Series database helps you search series fiction. (They define series as: “two or more books linked by character(s), settings, or other common traits.”) e.g. Sue Grafton’s “A is for Alibi”, “B is for…” etc. or the “Star Wars” series

Once you find the prequel or sequel book(s) you might then search our Library’s Online Catalog to see if we have them, and if they are available to checkout.

…And, if we don’t have them, remember you can also request an Inter-Library Loan.

Spotlight on: CD & DVD Scratch Repair

Do you have a CD or DVD that skips or suddenly won’t work anymore,
probably due to scratches on the disk?

The Pineville library has a professional disk resurfacer that works on Audio CD’s, Movie DVD’s, Blu-ray Movies, and Game disks.

This service will remove most scratches (unless they are too deep) and puts a fine polish on the surface. The cost is only $2 per disk.

Have you looked at your tax bill?

Where your property tax dollar goes

Click to enlarge image...

It’s hard to read, but the library’s small (2.53%) portion is that small sliver second from the right.

The McDonald County Library has operated with the same tax levy since the beginning…
Because of the way taxes are apportioned, the percentage of every dollar changes slightly every year.
(Almost every year the library gets an even smaller percentage.)
In 2011, the library gets only 2+1/2 cents out of every dollar.
Think what an amazing return you get for that tiny little portion of each dollar.
Unlike the schools, the library is a public service that everyone can use and enjoy.
As of 2011, we’re now even operating a THIRD library branch without raising your property tax!
(Thanks in large part to the generous efforts of the SWC Library Foundation, a private (non-tax-funded) organization.)

We hope to continue to bring you the very best return on your tax dollar for many years to come!

Spotlight on: Children’s Computers

The libraries in Pineville and Southwest City each have TWO Special Children’s Computers designed especially for kids ages 3 to 9 years old!

These computers have lots of fun, kid-friendly and educational software titles loaded, and they are NOT connected to the Internet, so they are safe for your kids to explore to their heart’s content.

There are no special forms to fill out, and no logins/passwords required… Your kids can just sit down and start using them immediately!

To learn more about the Early Literacy Station computers and software, click here

Spotlight on: ‘Wowbrary’ – for New Releases

You can find all the newest Books & Videos just released at our library each week with Wowbrary!

Wowbrary is a service that shows you our newest additions via free weekly emails, Facebook posts, and/or new book lists online linked from our library website. Wowbrary serves as an online version of our new-book shelf, but one that spans all library branches and includes items already checked out.  It shows covers, descriptions, popularity, ratings, and/or reviews for the majority of titles.  You can even click directly through to our website to place reserves and get further information.

It is very easy… Here’s how:

  • To get the free weekly emails sent to you, just click here to go to the signup page, then check the box next to McDonald County Library, enter your email address and finally click the “Submit” button. You’ll get one email per week (usually on Saturday) with information about the most popular new titles now available at our libraries.
  • We also update our Facebook page with Wowbrary links to our newest items every Saturday.
  • And you can always visit our website and simply click on the ‘Wowbrary‘ icon on the left side of the page.

It’s simple and very informative, and only takes a few seconds to sign up for the weekly emails…
Give it a try!
(Your email is never shared with any other organization or business,
and it is simple to unsubscribe if you wish to discontinue the once a week emails.)