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Featured Freeware: FrameSize 2

Once again we’re recommending one of our favorite FREE software programs, that you can download directly to your home PC or laptop!

This week’s featured freeware program:  FrameSize 2

If you or someone you know got one of those increasingly popular Digital Photo Frames for Christmas, you’ll love this week’s Featured Freeware… Those frames are very nice, except typically they come in widescreen (16:9) sizes. Which is great for movies, but less great for digital photos which are commonly taken by digital cameras in a non-widescreen format (usually 4:3).  This results in the photo frame having to display the image matted with ugly black bars down the sides, or cropped by losing the top and bottom of the picture, or “smushed / stretched” all out of proportion.

FrameSize is an application that allows you to quickly & easily overcome these limitations and produce high quality images from your digital photographs that are formatted properly and perfectly optimized for your digital photo frame.

You can download it at:
And get more information at: