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Library State Funding in Jeopardy!

Where your property tax dollar goesIn the 2015 budget proposed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D),  over $1.1 billion in funding is cut to necessary programs across the board. Several line items impact libraries, especially smaller rural libraries with higher poverty levels, such as McDonald County.  If these funds are not restored, the McDonald County Library will take a direct hit of over $40,000.  Our total budget now is just at $300,000 a year, and this would be devastating.  This would directly impact hours of operation at each location, materials, programs, and all other services we provide.

Our library is one of hundreds caught in this partisan political game of tug of war. We are not taking sides or placing blame in this Democrat-Republican political game, but want you to be aware of how these games can potentially affect you as a library patron. We encourage you to research the situation and decide for yourself:

Of course, every state-funded organization will argue that their essential programs shouldn’t be cut. However, we at the library feel our case is among the strongest, since our materials and services are available to everyone, and therefore cuts to our budget will therefore affect everyone in Missouri, not just any one particular group.

You have a right have your voice heard at the governor’s office. So we urge you to ask him to restore the REAL funding, and State Aid for Libraries.

You can phone the Governor’s office
or contact them online here:

Under the “Reason for Contact” section, we recommend choosing: “State Budget (Inquiry/Opinion)”

The U.S. Postal mailing address is:

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
UPDATE – November 12, 2014: We have just learned that the Governor has agreed to release some of the library funds (the yearly state aid amount, though we don’t know about the larger Equalization amount yet) particularly to the poorest of libraries hardest hit by the loss of state funds. This may likely include McDonald county. Your pressure and efforts appear to be working… Thank you!