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Jim’s Razorback Pizza chosen #1 by SRP Teens

David Long, owner of Jim's Razorback Pizza in Jane, Missouri; receiving certificate from Library Director Carrie Cline.

David Long, owner of Jim’s Razorback Pizza in Jane, Missouri; receiving certificate for “Teen’s Choice Pizza Award” from Library Director Carrie Cline.

As part of our Teen Summer Reading Program this year, we encouraged all our teen participants to serve as judges for our county-wide Pizza contest. Each week for seven weeks they enjoyed a different pizzeria’s cheese, pepperoni and/or sausage pizza, and graded their opinion of the pizza by three criteria: Crust, Toppings, and overall Flavor. (More about the methodology after the detailed scoring results below.)

The top three favorites were:

  • First Place: Jim’s Razorback Pizza – Jane
  • Second Place:  Hunt Brothers Pizza – Pineville (Country Market)
  • Third Place:  Casey’s General Store – Anderson


McDonald County Library

2013 Teen Summer Reading Program

Detailed Pizza Judging Results:


(Category scores are from 1 to 5, with 5 being best.)


Jim’s Razorback

7-9-13 at Pineville

11 judges

Flavor: 3.9

Crust: 4.04

Toppings: 4.3


TOTAL: 12.24



L.K. – Good :-)


7-11-13 at S.W.C.

4 judges

Flavor: 4.5

Crust: 3.5

Toppings: 4.25


TOTAL: 12.25




B.H. – Great! (:

L.F. – Thanks for the good pizza. (:




Hunt Brothers (Country Market)

6-4-13 at Pineville

10 judges

Flavor: 4.05

Crust: 3.6

Toppings: 4.15


TOTAL: 11.8



M.S. – Very nice crust

S.A.M. – Very cheezy

T.J. – Good

M.M.M. – Very Good

R.T. – Very Good


7-25-13 at S.W.C.

6 judges

Flavor: 3.83

Crust: 3.66

Toppings: 3.66


TOTAL: 11.15




R.R.P. – Too much sauce

W.C.C. – yum yum yum




Casey’s (Anderson location)

6-25-13 at Pineville

14 judges

Flavor: 4.28

Crust: 3.42

Toppings: 4.07


TOTAL: 11.77



L.K. – Just great

E.F. – Just great

S.A.M. – Best so far!



Casey’s (Anderson location)

6-27-13 at S.W.C.

11 judges

Flavor: 3.77

Crust: 3.18

Toppings: 3.86


TOTAL: 10.81




A. – Great

R.R.P. – My favorite

M.R. – Tasted great

F – Beautiful!

B – Amazing

L – Bad

C – Good

N – Delicious

J.O. – Good




Simple Simon (Cornerstone Station)

6-6-13 at S.W.C.

10 judges

Flavor: 3.2

Crust: 3.5

Toppings: 2.5


TOTAL: 9.2



F.Y. – Awsome

L.F. – Best day ever!

W.C.C. – :)


Simple Simon (Cornerstone Station)

7-23-13 at Pineville

11 judges

Flavor: 4.36

Crust: 4.0

Toppings: 4.18


TOTAL: 12.54




S.K. – Really good

D.K. – Awesome





6-11-13 at Pineville

13 judges

Flavor: 4.15

Crust: 3.38

Toppings: 4.0


TOTAL: 11.53



S.A.M. – I loved the dense crust



6-13-13 at S.W.C.

11 judges

Flavor: 3.45

Crust: 3.18

Toppings: 3.54


TOTAL: 10.17




W.C.C. – Pretty good but I like other pizza

G.L. – Softer crust




Pineville Bowling Center

7-16-13 at Pineville

10 judges

Flavor: 3.75

Crust: 3.35

Toppings: 4.05


TOTAL: 11.15



A.A. – It is good

K.C. – It is good

J.S. – I could be better

E.T. – It’s OK

M.S. – Crust wasn’t so good.



Pineville Bowling Center

7-18-13 at S.W.C.

9 judges

Flavor: 3.44

Crust: 3.33

Toppings: 3.0


TOTAL: 9.77









6-18-13 at Pineville

9 judges

Flavor: 3.8

Crust: 2.4

Toppings: 3.8


TOTAL: 10.0






6-20-13 at S.W.C.

13 judges

Flavor: 3.0

Crust: 3.0

Toppings: 2.3


TOTAL: 8.3








This is a highly unscientific survey of teens in the 7th-12th grade levels, a variable group that met once a week at the Pineville and Southwest City branches for two months. Some attended most every session, some attended less often, and a few only attended one.

The different pizzas toppings offered were: cheese, sausage, and pepperoni and crusts varied from “original” to thick/deep pan to thin. Judges chose only the types of pizza they normally like.

Every effort was made to deliver the pizzas as fresh and warm as possible – Pizzas were kept in an insulated delivery bag whenever possible during transport. All pizzas were carry-out.

Each participant was asked to rate the pizzas in three categories: Crust, Toppings, and Overall Flavor, assigning a score of 1 to 5, with 5 being best. There was also a small space to add optional comments. Those comments are reproduced in these results exactly as written, along with the initials of the judge placing the comment.

The brand of the pizza was not concealed from the participants, so there is a possibility of some favoritism and/or prejudice. Many other factors could have influenced the results, such as distance from store location to program location (“age” of the pizza); size of the judging sample group; early comments and scores made by judges could influence later judges; and of course: How hungry the judges were on any particular evening; etc…

Again, this was simply a fun survey done to select the Teen’s favorite pizza, which would then be served during the final party at the end of the program. We hope you find the results interesting and perhaps even useful.



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